8 tips for choosing the right clothes online

If we still have some reservations about shopping on the internet, it is often because of the fear of having to return items. Avoiding returns is however easy. The proof today with our best advice for choosing the right womens clothing online.

Take your measurements correctly

Each website has a size guide allowing you to know what measurements each size corresponds to. You still have to know yours. To do this, take a tape measure and take your measurements at the level of the chest, waist and hips.

Ask about foreign sizes

We are not going to lie to each other, when we are round, the large size brands that attract us the most are often abroad. Problem, between the French, English, American sizes, we get lost a bit. Don’t panic, we have provided you with a size comparison table.

Make word of mouth work

Not all brands cut the same. Some are large, others small. To avoid making mistakes, ask relatives who have already ordered on the website you are interested in what they think.

Beware of plus size collections

If you are straddling standard collections and large sizes, you may have noticed that some large size collections sometimes tend to cut smaller. It is indeed surprising to see that from a slightly tight 46 in the standard size collection, we sometimes have to switch to a 50 in the plus size collection, i.e. two sizes above … So rely more on your experience than ‘in the size guide to find out which model to choose.

Stretch or not stretch?

This is the whole question. We all know that jeans without stretch, for example, leave no room for error in size. The same goes for a dress tightened at the waist without an elastic waistband. If you hesitate between two sizes, consider looking at the composition of the garment. She can help you know if the model will relax while wearing it or not.

Keep a shopping record

You took the plunge and ordered on a website. The sizes chosen are perfect, and these clothes will look great on you. Great ! Then write down on a sheet the name of the sign and the sizes of the clothes you have chosen and that suit you. Conversely, note the size of clothes that do not fit and that you need to return. Add if you want some notes like your measurements on the day of the clothes fitting. Each time you make a purchase, record your comments on this sheet. Once this is well completed, it will serve as a personalized shopping guide and choosing clothes will become easier.

Find the model’s measurements

On almost every website, clothes are presented on mannequins. And more and more often, the site indicates the measurements of its models. This can be very useful, especially in terms of the length of the clothes. The model is 1m73 and the skirt you are targeting is already well above the knee? If you are taller than 1m80, then you know that this model may make a mini skirt on you.

Round bloggers to the rescue!

When we have spotted a garment, we are sometimes afraid that it does not suit our morphology. Is there enough room for the chest? Does this model mold the stomach? Then browse the Instagram accounts of our curvy fashionistas who may have already bought the garment you covet to see what the garment looks like in real life, on a woman like you and us.

Choosing the right clothes online is easy!


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