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You knew that women’s accessories could really take your simple outfit to a whole new level. But do you know that scarves were originated in Ancient Egypt? If you don’t know this, why not educate yourself with these interesting facts and fascinating history of your favorite fashion items. This won’t take time.

Once you knew, you can spoil your “fashion” friends with these fascinating facts. Here are some things you should know:

Interesting facts about Buy Women Accessories Online


Head coverings already existed a long time, but it was only in 1700 that hats were designed for women.

Women’s hats were first appeared in Milan during 1529, which paved way the rise of hat makers or “milliner”.


Before they became a part of women’s fashion accessory, scarves or what they called “sudarim” were used by Ancient Egyptian travelers to cover their neck and to wipe their faces.

It was the France that used a scarf as an accessory. In 1930, Thierry Hermes, a french businessman, created the world’s renowned scarf.

Scarves, nowadays, are used as a fashion accessory mostly in Western countries. Also, scarves have trandition and religious significance in some parts of the world. For example, Islam women used scarves or “hijab” as a symbol of their adherence to Allah’s teaching of protecting one’s honor.

In Middle Ages, belts were considered a symbol of wealth and high fashion among Buy Women Accessories Online. They were often made of gold-studded leather or plaques of gold attached to the fabric.

Buy Women Accessories online consist of watches, belts, fragrances, and other needy items. Even though these are small things, shopping for them takes lots of time and energy.

information overload? Don’t worry, it will sink in gradually. The fashion accessories that you adore so much do have fascinating origins. So start spreading these amazing facts about Buy Women Accessories Online to your friends and leave them totally baffled.

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