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To ensure that sand filters can remove bacteria from the influent stream, it is beneficial to allow the formation of a biofilm on the surface of a portion of the medium, usually the top. When it comes to biofilms, an effective surface is all important. More surface gives more on which the biofilm can accumulate. Fortunately, anthracite has a high specific surface area, as well as a high emptying percentage. Invalid percentage measures a ratio between the empty volume in a filter matrix and the volume of the fixed media. A higher percentage means more space between the anthracite grains, which is the key for biofilm formation to prevent clogging. There you have it! A study into the properties of anthracite carbon media and the benefits of using it for drinking water treatment systems. For municipalities that use anthracite media, these qualities amount to lower operating and capital costs. The use of anthracite offers the possibility to use sand filters and the media can be integrated into existing gravity sand filters. Of course, the physical properties of anthracite ensure that a filter from a municipality needs less backwashing, has less head loss and sees better treatment results. This also means that, because of this efficiency, municipalities can spend less on filter maintenance and backwashing water versus separate sand filtration systems.

Membrane species:


These membranes are made from polymeric materials such as poly sulfone , polypropylene, cellulose acetate, and poly lactic acid. Polymeric membranes are used more often because of their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This membrane is  usually used in the Water filter for home.


There is a wide range of materials for ceramic membranes, from aluminum oxide and silicon carbide to titanium dioxide and zirconium dioxide. They are known for their resilience at high temperatures or corrosive chemicals, but are also much more expensive.

Membrane configurations:

The size and shape of the membrane has a lot to do with how the system will work. Each membrane configuration can have certain advantages and disadvantages, therefore careful selection is necessary.


Imagine a bundle of straws tied together with a thin membrane rolled up in each straw. The tubes themselves are permeable, so when the influent is pumped into it, it starts in the semipermeable membrane and the water flows through it, then through the tube into the cavity of the vessel. The resulting permeate in the cavity is then sent to the next treatment stage. Tubular systems typically only work inside out, so that the membrane does not collapse into the tube.

Hollow fiber:

This configuration is similar to a tubular system, but without the membrane that is supported in a tubular vessel. Instead, the membrane itself looks more like hollow cooked spaghetti strands and is directly exposed to the raw water. These systems can be used as inside out or outside out, but the thin, flexible fibers can be susceptible to breaking.

Plate and frame:

Keep things in the kitchen, imagine it as a club sandwich. Make a sandwich from a spacer between two flat membranes and stack multiples of those on top of each other with some space in between. The feed water flows between the adjacent membranes and filtered permeate water flows through the membranes to the spacer which has channels that carry it to the permeate (treated) water outlet.

Spiral wound:

To do this, take the sandwich that you have made for the plate and the frame and wrap it around a perforated pipe. Unpurified water flows through the feed channel and filters through the membranes to the permeate channel. The permeate then runs to the center of the outlet.

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