Chef’s Knife Size

What Size Chef’s Knife?

When it comes to choosing a chef’s knife, the size makes a difference. Always remember to check the length of the blade before buying any knife, as this measurement may vary considerably. The blades of our chef’s knives are from 180mm (7.1 “) to 300mm (11.8”) long. The ideal chef size knife for you depends on many factors: space, storage, ingredients and convenience. In this thinking, here are some tips to help you choose the right size of the chef’s knife or ‘gyuto’.

Chef’s Knife Size: Total Length vs Blade Length

The weight of a knife is usually balanced towards the bolster or the point where the handle blades meet. Even if you take advantage of this and the knife in the middle, you will still have the full length of the blade to work, as a minimum. Therefore it is best to look first at the blade length when deciding which knife chef size to buy.

If you have a knife block or magnetic strip for storage, you may wish to check that your new gyro fit. In this case, the size of the blade is likely to make more difference than the size of the handle.

How Much Space Do You Need?

View your workspace. Is space space restricted, or has a lot of elbow room? How wide are your chopping boards from front to back? Where do you usually place your knife between the tasks? How do you store your new chef’s knife when it’s not used?

What’s Cooking?

The knives of the shorter chef are great for chopping vegetables. If you always engage in large cuts of meat – beef or a whole chicken, for example – a longer knife can help you work better, less cuts.

On the other hand, an 11-inch chef’s knife is not ideal for peeling an apple!

Comfort is Everything

Finally, consider what size of chef’s knife you’re comfortable with. There are instances where a very large knife is more than a risk rather than a help, especially if the user does not get used to it.

In particular, note the weight of a knife, especially if you want to use it for many hours at a time. The usual 180mm gyro can weigh under 100g, but the 300mm gyro can be over two and a half times heavier! Often, excessive weight loss is more weight, but more potentially causing fatigue.

A Personal Choice

Each cook has the idea of ​​the size of the knife of the perfect chef. Our best advice is training with several different examples to discover where the best balance of mobility and power of chopper is for you.

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