Different kinds of luxury custom candle boxes

When we have to discuss packaging, there are always different types. For luxury look, the analysis of such varieties is crucial. From retail products to wholesale products, varieties of packaging and their materials change. Ultimately, this lasts the premium, the elegant and the insight into the customer’s memory mark. Almost 60% of women take a purchasing decision in the first sense and this is a package that helps to understand the customer’s attention.

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Types of packaging that are luxury in nature – Your candles

We have five kinds of box, rigid boxes, foldable boxes, corrugated, Kraft and paper made attractive boxes. In addition to this first of different shapes they are also convenient for candle boxes. This includes the shape of a pitch, clip boxes, pyramid shape boxes and a pillow shape with a PVC window. Here I will explain all these types one by one.

Rigid boxes

The rigid material obtained is only the intense content due to its hardness and strength. Such material boxes can be clad in ribbons and items could be added to decoration. A velvet cover of these cartons put them out of the box and up to the mark. These cannot be folded, which is why they were sent in the higher volume. The cushion offers indoors with the uncomplicated experience and better experience for the customers. In the case of wholesale candle boxes, a choice could be made of the cardboard-made containers.

Different types of custom luxury candle boxes

Foldable objects

The foldable material to manufacture containers for the candles is different than the rigid material. These are sent in a smooth shape and can be folded when necessary. Moreover, these as well as the marl and by adding different effects to the material, the handsome and luxurious output could be given. Mostly, they are produced from cardboard, and from thick sheets of paper. For the luxury eye, multiple effects are needed for cardboard material. Yes, the surface cardboard surface is given and very smooth to keep for a long time. Add to this, the cardboard sheets with the VU, Matt spots and the glossy layers, the foil and the other embossing, support the disposal effects.

Different types of custom luxury candle boxes


This is a zig layer sandwich, which is within the two environmentally friendly color flat layers. The number of zigzag rows shows strength of the cartons. For, candle boxes at wholesale, these are a great choice. These are used for transportation, shipping, and warehousing. That’s why the candle provider prefers to make the coronation rather than the cardboard. Contrary to this, corrugation takes more of the ink, which is why this is a costlier solution for the manufacturer. Instead, labels with adhesive materials must be made to make them colorful and branded. For luxury appearance, the labeling and the basic printing are 4 essential colors. So going for them, it should be understood that it would be expensive for your candles business. In addition, the price of the final product may be different and it may be a hard nut to stand out from a crowd of competition in the market. For marketing, pricing strategies are critical to design. Once these are used, they are rarely left behind, and the main packaging factor that changes the price if your appointment.

Different types of custom luxury candle boxes

Kraft paper sheets

For candle packaging boxes, the luxury appearance is injected using Kraft material. Almost 70% of people in the US are environmentally conscious and require only environmentally friendly packaging material for the product, in particular, a wax-like product. In addition to this, Kraft brown color sheets take the moisture produced by the candles during transportation and with the increase in temperature. With the increase in temperature the wax can be melted and the Kraft material accepts this extra moisture. This is a Kraft specialty and through CMYK printing printing colors on Kraft could provide a luxury look. On the other hand, some unique shape boxes offer added value and they appreciate customer’s attention.

White paper made of boxes

The white boxes are simply made but they are quite good. White shows peace and anyone likes this color. Everyone loves the boxes that are white. On the other hand, these are a luxurious nature. Such paper is available in a different thickness starting from 16t to 34 pt.

Different types of custom luxury candle boxes

Luxury appearance has no candle box due to its unique shape, color printing, features and box finishing. In order to provide elegant look to your candle holder, every inch of the product should be critically analyzed. After strenuous efforts to design this mission, it could be easily achieved. Moreover, rigid boxes, Kraft, cardboard, foldable and paper are made at the top of the list ineffective and polished output box.

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