How is Professional Year Accounting beneficial for career advancement in the accounting field?

Do you want to start a successful accounting career in Australia? Are you aware of the benefits of opting for a Professional Year Program Adelaide? Did you know that this program will also help you with a PR application? This blog brings detailed information about the course and how it can prove helpful in advancing your career prospects.


Structure of the Professional Year Program in Adelaide.


The Professional Year Program is also approved by the Department of Home Affairs. All authorized colleges offering the Professional Year Program courses are regulated by the three regulatory bodies, CPA, CA and IPA. The accounting program has a carefully developed course curriculum that also aims to improve skills and expertise in the field. The course components are discussed below. You successfully launched your professional career in Australia.

  • Program Duration – The Professional Year course provides accounting graduates with in-depth training for 44-52 weeks. The Professional Year program also guarantees an internship upon completion of classroom training.
  • Training – The PY program carefully divides its training time into two parts for comprehensive professional care. The first 32 weeks are devoted to classroom instruction, and the next 12 weeks focus on practicum placements. The latter are for practical application of skills and better understanding.
  • Class times – Colleges that offer the Professional Year Accounting Program allow flexibility in terms of study times. You can choose between day and evening classes. You can even opt for weekend courses. A more recent advancement is the introduction of online classes. So, now you can get your lessons from anywhere for a total 360-degree career upgrade.
  • Additional offerings – The program includes theory and practical classes for improving skills and knowledge. It also provides additional support for a comprehensive learning experience. Students can access counseling sessions to discuss employment opportunities and options. The course provides exposure through networking events and skill expansion workshops. In addition, most colleges that offer professional year accounting internships in Adelaide provide IELTS training.
  • Topics – The course provides knowledge of basic and advanced accounting skills, business communication and workplace practices. It also informs students about Australian culture, laws and interview skills. The accounting course also includes a Certificate IV in Business.



Benefits of the Professional Year Accounting Program

If you have not yet discovered the various benefits of opting for a PY Accounting program, read on.

You will develop the skills needed to master the job selection process through a series of hands-on activities that focus on developing phone screening and face-to-face interviewing skills. You will learn how to self-assess and develop your personal brand, improve your online presence, and refine interview preparation and execution. You will also learn how to follow up on interviews and how to receive and accept job offers.

  • Permanent Residency – If you are interested in applying for permanent residency in Australia, enrolling in the Professional Year Program Adelaide can expedite the process. Completion of the course rewards students with five migration points. It also allows you to earn additional points on the GSM points test.
  • Work Culture – The PY program provides detailed knowledge of Australian culture, work methods and rules. This helps the intern gain an understanding of business relationships and principles. It enables the intern to present a professional demeanor when dealing with interviewers and potential clients.
  • Networking – The Professional Year Accounting program believes in creating professionals who are work-ready and efficient service providers. Therefore, the program prioritizes and organizes networking events, business meetings, and lectures by industry experts. This allows students to explore and understand real-world experiences that aid in intensive learning. The accredited colleges also provide exposure to renowned names to enable a growing network chain.
  • Placement Guarantee – If you have doubts about employment opportunities, there is no need to worry. The program assures a guaranteed placement in a relevant hospitality industry. A major advantage of opting for accounting in Australia is that the demand for accountants is always on the rise. The PY program is a popular and recognized certification course, making it a top choice among industries when it comes to recruiting interns.

Application Process


The course program is a comparatively better and more convenient alternative to traditional courses. The admission requirements are also quite simple. Curious about how to apply for a Professional Year Course in Adelaide? The requirements are similar across the country. These are:

  • A completed application form
  • An authentic passport copy
  • Resume
  • A genuine proof of English language proficiency (IELTS score sheet)
  • A certified proof of the validity of the existing visa
  • Document copies of academic status

A positive competency assessment approved by the relevant supervisory authority

If you want to know about the visa requirements, you can check the official website of the Australian Taxation Office. For details on the Skilled Occupation List, visit the official website of the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

The goal of internship preparation is to refine and sharpen your skills so that you are career-ready and more confident in your professional abilities before the internship.

In this subject, you will also develop your ability to confidently give presentations in a work environment, refine your interviewing skills that will help you in your internship interviews, and develop your research skills. You will develop your use of technology and gain the necessary business technology skills that will equip you for any work environment in the future.


How do you choose the best college to enroll in the Professional Year Accounting program?

Are you concerned about which campus to choose? Whether you choose the socially active Sydney or the relatively quiet Perth, the decision must be based on the college’s competencies and services. Follow the five steps below to make the right choice.


  • Service – If a college offers additional support outside of the course schedule, this is beneficial to students. Look for quality when receiving training services. Many reputable colleges also teach content that is effectively prepared by industry experts.
  • Method – If a college is irregular with its classes, it definitely does not prioritize maximum student learning. Credible colleges in Adelaide aim to provide optimum benefits to students and choose to hold regular classes with routine efficiency. They also make it a rule for students to attend all classes to ensure graduation certificate. This ensures student attendance and regulates discipline.
  • Qualifications – It is imperative to pay attention to the college’s experience and the tutor’s qualifications. Often, reputed colleges tend to hire unmotivated staff, which disrupts the flow of studies. Such attitudes are demotivating and lead to unhappy students.
  • Performance records – Visit a college’s website to check performance efficiency and placement records. This will also help you choose the better institute that can help you get a hassle-free job offer.
  • Grading – Colleges that focus on a rigorous grading evaluation regime help a student reach their full potential. Most certified institutes that offer a professional year in accounting opt for a 100% attendance rule. This keeps a student on routine discretion and supervision, resulting in a safe, healthy learning experience.

You can look for referrals and reviews from previously enrolled students to get adequate information about the preferred campus.

Deciding on the Numbers Pro is quite easy when you are informed and updated about the course specifications. Hopefully, it is now convenient for you to select a campus and proceed with the application process. Live, study and work the way you want!


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