How to dress for work?

Your outfit should reflect your goals.

It is important to understand that your outfit must reflect your goals, your ambitions or even your role within the company for which you work.

You don’t dress to offer your boss or coworkers your keen sense of style or your perfect knowledge of the latest trends. So while it is important that you dress well, it is not essential to be fashionable, unless you work in the ready-to-wear or fashion industry.

Being properly dressed in your company shows your boss, coworkers, and clients that you know what you’re doing. If you don’t dress perfectly, you risk being seen as someone who does not have a high regard for their job and you risk missing out on interesting assignments or promotions.

Small women are all the more concerned because they unfortunately have a distinct disadvantage compared to their taller counterparts. If you are one of these women, it is especially important for you to reflect an image of seriousness within your company.

Master the possibilities

For businesses that require formal attire, the options are often limited. The ones that work best are:

The skirt suit, the pantsuit or a dress matched with a jacket.

A fitted dress, long sleeves, can also work if it remains classic in its cut. Don’t try to wear an on-trend dress at all costs if it reflects extravagance or fancy, which should not be at work.

Although suitable, a long sleeve dress is not always easy to wear with a jacket. However, the jacket, a typical businessman’s garment, sends a strong signal to those around you: I am here on business. So, if you want to wear a dress, long sleeves, you must be able to ask yourself whether you need to wear a jacket on this day or not.

Finally, whatever company you work in, whether it is demanding or not on your outfit, you owe it to yourself to wear clothes that are adjusted to your figure.

Choose your colors

Black, navy blue, charcoal gray, with or without stripes … While these dark colors are always safe, you can also wear other colors if your female colleagues do the same. In politics, for example, it is not uncommon to see women wearing red. This color is often seen as a symbol of power for women.

Whatever color you choose, it’s especially important that you wear it because it looks good on you, not because it’s fashionable. Use the Seasonal Method article to help you determine which colors look best on you.

In general, we recommend that you avoid wearing suits in pastel shades. These shades may highlight your femininity more than your professional skills. If you like pastel colors, you can choose to wear them over your blouses and shirts for women Pakistan, but not over your suit.

Choose appropriate shoes

In a professional environment, shoes should always be in excellent condition. You can’t wear shoes with scuffed polish or damaged heels. Although they are often liked because they allow you to gain a few inches, heels don’t have to be extremely high.

Avoid too trendy shoes and prioritize comfort above all. Choose neutral colors, suitable for the corporate world. Finally, unless you’re in a business that isn’t overly formal, leave sandals, strappy shoes and stilettos for your outings outside of work.

Wear jewelry

It is best to be restrained and discreet when choosing your jewelry. Avoid shabby necklaces and long earrings that can sway and distract your coworkers or boss. Avoid wearing too many bracelets so as not to impose their unbearable ringing on your employees.

If the fashion is not too confusing and does not impose jewelry that is too extravagant or too present, you can follow it sparingly. Otherwise, it is always good to wear fine pieces of jewelry in gold, platinum or silver. Another popular choice is pearls. A discreet pearl necklace around the neck is always a wise choice in the business world.


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