How To Monitor Your Online Reputation

How to monitor your online reputation

When you think about reputation control, what do you think of? Watch Google for more reviews? Although this is a large part of it, there is much to consider.
These days, you have more than just Google to think about. There are a lot of review sites that monitor this by industry, social media, and just the places you can think of on the web that you might not think about.

Follow these five steps to monitor your reputation online

1. Look/Watch for Mentions Across the Web

The first thing you should do, if you do not, is to sign up for Google Alerts. This is a completely free tool provided by Google to monitor anything you want to see across the web. It’s a great way to see your business or brand signs!
Note that although the entire web is viewed, it does not always pick up new reviews on your review sites.

Bonus: Google Alerts Tips & Tricks

When using Google Alerts, we always recommend using quotation marks around the phrase you’re watching. Otherwise, you’ll get a set of results that are not actually related to your business.
Also make sure to use the “Show options” drop-down menu to select some parameters for the geographic area covered by your search, the number of times your email is sent, and the sources you are monitoring. This will help keep your inbox in check.

2. Keep Your Eyes on Social Media

The first and second rules for social media are to create your own profiles and then be active there – at least in the most important channels. Building it helps you demonstrate NAP consistency (name, address, phone number) across the web, and increases the number of references to your business, brand, and website.
However, creating profiles for this reason and leaving them unchecked is one of the worst mistakes you can make to your brand. This is not only badly reflected if someone visits your profile to find that it has not been updated in months or years, but it also leaves room for people to talk about you and do not see it.
So, to ensure that this does not happen to you, always watch your personal files. some advices:
Make sure you select which boxes you can receive email notifications about new comments, labels, or posts
Add tasks to your task list to log in and check your profiles. Do this daily for the most active, or weekly, files you use less (as long as you have notifications set up if something pops up).
Make it a point to post an update at least sometimes. Do not be absent

3. Check Your Top Review Sites Daily

Consider what your most important review sites are. These vary greatly by industry! Google and Facebook are global standards, but that’s the end. A local company should be interested in Yelp, and the home service company should think of the Houzz and Angie menu, and the medical clinic should be verified from ZocDoc and Healthgrades.

First of all, visit the settings for each site and make sure you’re set up to receive notifications if you see a new review immediately. You can set up a label or folder in your inbox specifically for these notifications. Make time every day to check your reputation.
Additional tip: Make sure you’re on the same review sites as your competitors. Look for “[competitor name] reviews” to check where they are inserted.

4. Look for Negative Mentions

These days, there are quite a few websites selected on the Internet, where people can only go to complain of a negative experience with a company or brand. It is extremely important to check out these websites to find out anything about you!
One way to find these negative reviews is to use Go Fish Digital, Search Complaint Search. Look at the best complaint sites for your business signals or brand.
Otherwise, try Google search for “Reviews [your business name]” to see if there are any complaints. You’re looking for sites like Ripoff, ConsumerAffairs, My3Cents, ComplaintsBoard, and more.
If you find a negative sign, make sure to reply as soon as possible.

5. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Internet does not sleep! You should be alert by monitoring your online reputation. Building a habit of checking your reputation – it is extremely important not to be missed. Having a negative reputation online can greatly affect the end result!

Monitoring your reputation online is one of the best things you can do for your online business. Consistency is the key!

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