How to wear floral dresses in style?

As the weather changes we like to show off more skin and wear glowing lipsticks that bring out our skin tone. Dresses that feature flowers and floral designs are often our spring and summer staples. Should you go for a flattering A-line dress, a bodycon bandage dress or put on a casual dress? Are you going to pull off the solid colors and stripes for chic and sophisticated floral designs or choose floral designs from ready to wear women clothing to showcase your confident femininity?

In this article, we discuss the versatility of flower dresses and how to style them. Dresses printed with the right accessories and outerwear is easy to wear to tone down the winter and fall gloom and are reliable style options throughout summer and spring.

While a floral dress is great in theory, the truth is it can be a challenge. The floral designs are vibrant and full of color. What is the best color to pull off? How do you style your hair and choose your shoes or accessories? The following tips come from our stylists and fashion designers. It gives you an overview of how to style and shop for floral dresses.

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How to choose a flattering print?

Floral prints are expansive and undefined. Choosing the one that is flattering and complementary to your body and style is essential. Small or large flowers spaced or close together, with or without vines or flower clusters, and in what color palette? The choices are endless.

A point to note about color is that often the print will lean towards a particular side of the color chart, from reds, blues, blacks to pastels, darks, highlights, metallic and more. This slant is the background color of the pattern host.

Consider that larger flowers are more flattering for smaller body builds. We do not recommend oversized floral designs for curvy women because they can add a few pounds to your figure. The smaller flowers and floral designs give a more solid color impression and work on average on more shapely body types.

If your body type is slim to medium, explore a balance between larger floral designs and smaller ones. If you are unsure if the design is flattering, try breaking it up with a trendy belt or scarf.

Also, consider the background color of your floral dress. White backgrounds that display bright, sunny blooms are ideal for concealing problematic bulges. Darker ones give you a more fitted, tapered look and the illusion of being slimmer.

Floral dresses go perfectly with neutral colors.

Whether you choose a large or small dress with a floral print, what you pair it with is essential to your look. Floral dresses that have a floral pattern that extends evenly across the fabric should be toned down and paired with neutral or nude colors.

Neutral colors like black, beige, white, nude and silver complement the floral designs and are to be chosen from the rest of the wardrobe (so there is no need to make additional purchases). From your shoes to your jewelry to the bag you decide to wear, adding a dollop of neutral shades ensures a floral print that is balanced and matches your style.

Contrasts of patterns are acceptable.

If you’re feeling like a diva and want more sexual appeal, ditch neutral colors and go for a mix of patterns instead.

Often your sartorial taste becomes experienced when choosing something to match with your floral designs. However, the mix of patterns is okay and it’s a simple way to look trendy and stylish.

Pair your floral dress with a bold striped design accessory, such as a bracelet or armband. Also, consider choosing a color or two from your floral dress and matching all your accessories to those shades.

For example, a navy floral dress that features colors like red, yellow, and gray, is easily styled by choosing just two colors from the palette for accessories. Go for stiletto heels in gray and put on a red jacket, jumpsuit or scarf to add texture and depth to your look. Likewise, choose accessories such as a hat, bag and jewelry in these shades to complete the overall effect.

Adding bold, contrasting patterns and colors is a way to make the flowers pop and give your look a more trendy polish.


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