How to wear the woman’s suit to a wedding?

Does the idea of ​​putting on a sheath dress a bustier or even a mermaid dress for your wedding only half enchant you? What if you fell in love with a bride’s tailor? An essential trend of the year in the wedding department, the suit is winning over more and more brides with its modern, elegant and daring style. We tell you everything there is to know about the wedding suit, why we love it, and how to wear it.

Why fall for a bridal tailor?

The number one great reason to swap the traditional wedding dress for a suit is that it is THE trendy wedding outfit of the moment. Modern, chic and daring, the wedding suit is the centerpiece of all stylish weddings this year (and probably the following ones), as proof is the quantity of models offered by (almost) all the big names in fashion.

If you’re planning your own wedding, you certainly hang out on social media a bit, and, it couldn’t have escaped your notice, the wedding suit is everywhere. In short, wearing a suit on your wedding day is the assurance of being an ultra-trendy and very elegant bride, we love it.

But the promises of the married tailor don’t end there, nay! The suit is, moreover, an extremely comfortable outfit (compared to a princess dress, not to a jogging of course), and with which one is very comfortable to dance and, overall, to move. Last good reason to treat yourself to a wedding suit over a classic dress, and perhaps our favorite: you can wear your bridal outfit on other occasions.

It is indeed relatively easy to wear pants for women online New York, a jumpsuit or even a white jacket on a daily basis, unlike mermaid dresses, sheaths and other princess cuts embroidered and covered with lace, which, for example, are difficult to assume in the office.

Wedding woman tailor: what are the options?

You are (normally) convinced: the woman’s wedding suit is great. But what exactly are your options?

Remember that a suit is, by definition, an outfit made up of at least two pieces made from the same fabric and designed to be worn together.

Most often, the suit consists of a jacket and pants or a skirt, but it is also possible to choose a jumpsuit or even overalls! We take stock of the different wedding tailors right away.

The skirt suit: classic revisited

A classic of the genre, the skirt suit is an ultra-stylish option for your wedding, but be careful not to look a bit dated overall. The jacket-to-skirt bridal suit is chic, yes, but if you’re not careful, it might be a little cheesy too. It is indeed necessary to take care to choose modern cuts for the jacket as for the skirt, and which, obviously, will highlight your morphology.

We would tend to advise you to avoid straight skirts above the knee, really too classic, and to favor either a mini version or a midi version. We like the mini straight as much as the pleated or even skater midi, it all depends on your figure. You can also bet on a tulip skirt, a long bohemian skirt or a wrap skirt, three very trendy cuts this year.

The pantsuit: modern and chic

It’s hard to be more elegant and at the same time more modern than a pantsuit to get married, it’s even a little crush on the side of your Bonnes Copines. You know, there are plenty of different pant cuts out there, but the trends right now are clearly loose leg, 7/8 length and high waist. We also love, of course, the fluid palazzo pants for an ultra-chic wedding outfit.


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