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Laparoscopy for Endometriosis

Procedure & What To Expect

If your doctor wants to confirm endometriosis for you, a laparoscopy that uses only surgical instruments can be a specific way to confirm the diagnosis of the disease for you.

Having endometrial tissues generates wounds and causes cramping, discomfort and severe illness in women. The detection of these lesions is the first step towards managing this medical condition.

Non-invasive procedures such as ultrasound are often misleading and this technique also allows them to look and remove endometriosis lesions using laparoscopic instruments.

If your physician wants to undergo this procedure, here’s what you need to expect and be prepared for:


There are several things you need to keep in mind before dealing with any laparoscopic instruments and techniques. Make sure you have someone to stay with you at the clinic for a day and let them drop you home later.

Try not to eat or drink anything 24 hours before the procedure. Also hold back drinking and smoking in the weeks leading up to your surgery. There may be some drugs that your doctor can tell you to avoid any allergies or effects.

You will not get a shower for 2-3 days after your operation so it might be a good idea to take one before. Your doctor may also give you a bowel prep to empty your stomach before any surgical instruments can be used.


Once you register at a hospital, a nurse or medical professional will ask you to change a gown and compression socks that prevent DVT or deep vein thrombosis. After that, you will be placed in an intravenous line and the general anesthesia will be given.

Shortly afterwards, the anesthesia will monitor your horrors and nurses will check the surgical instruments for repair.

The surgeon begins by making small incisions in the abdomen using surgical instruments. An instrument is inserted into your stomach and fills carbon dioxide in your abdomen that gives a clear look at your pelvic organs.

He can make more incisions and enter laparoscopic instruments that can now identify areas affected by endometriosis and also take biopsy samples for diagnostic analysis.

Once it’s done, the doctor will remove the surgical instruments and then proceed with closing the incisions using glue or stitches. These are eventually finished with dressing and bandages. These days robots are also used in the operating table.

Laparoscopy for diagnosis and management of endometriosis is a relatively simple procedure these days. Make sure you avoid any heavy lifting, pushing or pulling after your operation. Although the recovery period differs from one person to another, you can expect to return to the daily work within a week.

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