Lawn: key trend this season

The arrival of summer marks the beginning of a new season full of illusions for women fashion with Pakistani kurta design, which is greatly celebrated by krosskulture, low cost women store. Therefore, today we want to talk about one of the fabrics that will fulfil all expectations during this period. We refer to lawn which has come to stay.

Lawn has always invaded our wardrobes since the summers begins to make an appearance and even earlier, because its warmth can be very timely to bring a very comfortable touch to our ‘look’ , without having to look completely covered.

However, during this season its irruption will be total, appearing in almost all the garments so that we never lose the elegance regardless of the occasion, and is that this fabric, thanks to the stylistic creativity latent in women’s fashion, you can use it in both formal and informal situations, obtaining the same success.

Precisely, in store of low cost women’s clothing, we are going to propose you several pieces that can become essential pieces of your wardrobe with lawn as protagonist. Pay attention because they will get you out of more than one hurry!

  1. The kurta’s

At all times of the year you will need a fetish kurta that completely modifies your image, simply by wearing it and the lawn will become one of your most faithful allies during this season, since you will make a difference whenever it is with you. As a bandolier and with the texture that the quilting will provide, the frocks will become a basic of those locker rooms to inform those who will need to add a touch of distinction. With this complement, your ‘look’ will reach a very exclusive shine, always contributing your own style, because you can decide between different colors.

  1. Peak dress

The lawn peak dress will be another of the essentials of the season, as it demonstrates a much needed versatility to look formal and informal occasions. Everything depends on the accessories you use for it. His ruffle sleeves make it ideal for the early season of summers, so you should not miss the opportunity to dress them in all kinds of situations. At work events, special events or simply on a night out, this dress will highlight your figure, regardless of the color you choose.

  1. The embroidered lawn

Lawn is a very special fabric that will give you the opportunity to wear all kinds of designs. With this embroidered dress, you will get a piece of marked elegance that will occupy a preferential place in your wardrobe. And is that this dress is ideal to look in everyday life , bringing you that touch ‘chic’ you always need to look radiant. Your ‘look’ will gain a lot of presence thanks to a design as elegant as it is casual.


In krossulture’s store low cost women’s clothing store, we know well the virtues of lawn Pakistani kurta design. Dare to wear some of these clothes. Your image will be very favored in all possible situations. What are you waiting for to get some of these pieces?


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