Lead Generation Strategies: Work for eCommerce and Small Businesses

Direct Mail Marketing for eCommerce and Small Businesses

We are a digital marketing agency, why talk about traditional marketing? Because traditional marketing today still works. There are billions and billions of dollars of direct mail that go to the offices and go to homes and this direct mail works. However, it really depends on the industry.
But that’s the bottom line: traditional marketing still works, but it works best when associated with digital elements.
The first thing we will talk about is direct mail. Direct mail will not work with some companies, but it works like a charm for certain industries.

If you send a message to someone and you are trying to sell it directly, it will not work. But if you’re creative about it, it might work. Think outside the box and offer something of value to the person receiving your mail.
When it comes to using direct mail to our customers, we actually link it to a digital component we have created. This digital solution is in line with direct mail called Post lead.

Post lead allows you to track the performance of direct mail, which was the biggest obstacle in the past when it comes to mail routing. This platform allows you to track converts when sending live mail.
In addition, Postlead allows you to customize your direct mail for each recipient. Therefore, if you are trying to send mail to 1000 people and want to customize dynamic fields, such as your name, company, email, etc., Postlead allows you to do so.

However, what sets it apart from other tools that do it like Mailchimp is the fact that Postlead will go and actually change to a profile picture of who sends their email to LinkedIn, and pastes it into the postcard. Imagine getting a postcard and seeing your picture on it. Imagine 1000 people interacting in the same way.

The mail card, along with the URL and the invitation code, as well as the QR code, redirects the recipient to a personalized landing page with a video message that is intended only for them. The moment you go to that home page, you follow them.
Another aspect of Postlead is that it can be effectively integrated into Shopify, Volusion, 3D wagon and Big Commerce. Suppose you want to send a gift to everyone on your e-commerce site that bought more than $ 2,000 in the last 12 months, you can set up this type of rules in Postlead and integrate users and automatically remove them from e-commerce. platform.

Now, this is a relationship of 101 clients, it is very important to keep in touch with your best customers. That’s why direct mail still works.

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How to Use Event Marketing to Generate Leads for Small Businesses

The second form of traditional marketing we will talk about are events. How can small businesses and e-commerce take advantage of events? How can the owner of a small business use events to generate leads?

In addition to sponsoring events, another great way to take advantage of events is to organize events now.
The hosting of events allows you to address people who will be your ideal client and value them personally. So create a personal relationship.

With events, there are many things you can do. You can be creative, but in the end, what you can do is take your target audience personally and make that personal interaction the first step.
What we do here at DML is that once every few months we will organize an event and invite specific business owners because if they can see us talking and interviewing us personally, they will be impressed. We have many things that we want to share with them and that can provide them with a lot of value.

For a lawyer, for example, he does not do anything with the ADA, he can organize a lunch and say, “Hey, these are the things that players need to consider when it comes to complying with the ADA.” Fix these things. useful for them and will not hesitate to communicate and want to learn more.

Does Radio Advertising Work for eCommerce Companies?

Let’s talk about the radio. There are many radio stations and a decrease in the quality of radio announcements. We’re not talking about NPR or anything like that, we’re talking about local radio stations. There are many low quality local ads that are broadcast on the radio at this time. If you want to reach the masses, where are you going?

In recent years, there has been a great change from radio to radio, which is, once again, another digital element. The podcast is more versatile and allows you to target your demographics more easily. These podcasts allow you, because they are digital, to transmit that information to the user who is listening in this podcast. So you know exactly where to place your product. You know exactly what a podcast should follow to reach your desired target audience.

Reach an incredibly wide audience of relevant listeners by appearing or advertising in the correct podcast. If you want a guest to speak on this podcast and use different angles, you can do so.

But if you want to advertise on the radio, we recommend that you use a digital radio platform such as iHeartRadio or Pandora, and go to the broker. These platforms have the minimum, but the intermediaries will always have a minimum minimum.

Working with a company has these purposes because everyone who is on their mobile phones now. Everyone listens to music. So, if you want to reach the masses, you have to track the audio material, and you have to track the radio through the Internet. Traditional radio works only if you have something very local, and even then it is not safe.

Remember, we are spoiled in this day and age, and we want immediate satisfaction. Nobody will listen to a radio ad and interact with this call to action immediately. If you want real B2B threads and grow your business, traditional radio is not the way to go.

How to Use Billboards for eCommerce Companies

Now, let’s go to the billboards. Do billboards work? Well, that’s a difficult question to answer. For the brand, it works like a charm.

However, the real question is: do you work for e-commerce, small businesses, lead generation? Well, I do not know that this is the thing, nobody really knows.

As advertisers, the most important thing we need is to be able to track our locations and advertising campaigns. If we can not trace it, we will not. So this is our biggest rage for pets with traditional marketing and billboards in particular. They are very difficult to follow.

However, it depends on your performance indicators, your key performance indicators. If your KPI is the number of impressions and how many people see it, you are a person like Geico or Allstate and you will get as many impressions as possible. You will pay for the impressions.

But small businesses and electronic businesses, unless they are Amazon or Zapos, will not pay for the impressions. They will pay for each sale. They will pay for each expected customer and will want to be active and direct results.

As for billboards, there are two solutions where you can place digital ads on billboards that are not expensive. I could go on a meeting for less than $ 1000. But you need to know the right people. Once again, we are here at DML, we are intermediaries with some providers of these billboards, so if you want information about the placement of digital advertising.

Remember that billboards are also digital. EMarketer hopes to become all digital posters in the next three years. You will not have any advertising posters printed in the next three years, which means you can show your ad to the mirror where you want it. It is not limited to a single billboard. Now you can advertise on ad panel networks.

If you are local, or if you are from a local restaurant, if you want to make a quick payment, if you only want to invest a few thousand dollars and get hundreds of thousands of impressions for a few weeks, the billboards still work. in our opinion. But we’re not sure how it works in terms of generating leads, and again, these are key issues. Nobody really knows.

Public Relations (PR) for Small Businesses and eCommerce Companies

Another form of traditional marketing that we have is PR: paid public relations, magazine placements, newspapers, etc. Is working? To generate lead, no longer. For the brand, it still works like a charm.

For the lead generation, it is very difficult, especially if you are going to make newspapers. When it comes to magazines, you should make sure you are in this particular place and to know the readers of this magazine and the participants in that magazine. We have seen this work from time to time, but now, once again, we are seeing a strong push towards the digital side of public relations.

Public relations through online publications is where we see a significant increase in lead generation.

If you are a marketing manager and your boss is old, your role should be a marketing expert or marketing officer. “Sure, let’s make magazines, but we can provide them with a digital element.” This digital component is connected to the Internet public relations. They are online placements.

There are many different publications that you can take advantage of, such as Inc. Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.

Therefore, establish public relations positions online, establish relationships with authors and publishers, and be sure to take advantage of social networks. Use the influencers. Use effective marketing.

Find and use people with large followers, because a job for $ 500, if you have the right product and the right angle, can mean thousands of dollars in revenue.

So incorporate your strategies. Use traditional and digital marketing together. Use this angle to win your former boss or former C-Level who likes these traditional marketing strategies.

The conclusion is: do what you do traditionally, you must follow it and you must have a digital element because everything is digital in today’s world. If it does not, it will not succeed, especially if it is from the point of view of leadership generation or from an e-commerce perspective.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the energy cycle: traditional marketing still works, but it works best when combined with digital elements.

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