Practical Tips for Buying your new Laptop

So, you want to buy a laptop, but do not know where
Get started. You are not alone. Buying a new laptop can give
many problems especially if you are not familiar with
laptops. You have to shop around and
check consumer reports for various laptop manufacturers
and various online stores like and various products for Laptop on Installment in

Recently, so many new laptop technologies
appeared on the market … Intel processors, Dual
The graphics … can all be just overwhelming for the average
consumer. New understanding of a laptop buyer
all techno slang can be quite intimidating.

Mostly because a completely new generation of notebook technology
comes every two years or less; probably much less
when you consider all the new achievements made recently.
It may even be a bit overwhelming even for someone.
like me who works online laptop guide and who has
great interest in the whole laptop.

Regardless of all these fancy new enhancements, devices
and laptop technology, you must remember that you are buying
A new laptop for you and only you. You must first
decide whether this new material is important to you?
Do you really need all this new laptop technology?

But first you can consider this question.
First you need to find out WHY need a laptop? Why do you

buy a laptop? What affairs or tasks you want
laptop to carry?

If you just want a laptop for easy web browsing and
by email, a laptop made five years ago will make
work well and cost you much less. You really
don’t need a laptop with a top line, unless, of course and want the last top model of everything.

So why do you need a laptop?

You need a lightweight portable laptop for business.
trips or meetings? You need a notebook for a student
classes? Or just want a desktop computer to replace
that you can move easily around the house?

Your answer will largely determine what type of laptop
you must buy.

In my case, I needed a desktop replacement, which I could
easy to move around my house and take very rarely
trips or holidays. Long battery life was not the main
consideration, because I will mainly use it connected
into an electrical outlet. Also, the laptop that I wanted
will be 7 or 8 pounds and I was not going to drag
this kid is around at any great distance.

I work full time at home and do web design.
I needed a solid machine with a lot of RAM. I also love
downloading and enjoying a random movie so DVD

Multi Drive and widescreen were important.
High quality graphics and sound was also important.
what I need


RAM for the computer, what a place for real estate. ram
or random access memory is perhaps the most important
factor to consider when buying a laptop or any computer.

RAM will largely determine the speed of your laptop or computer.
How fast it will handle your tasks and schedules. You have to do
Sure you have enough for your needs. Now you can find a lot of laptops
4 gigabyte of RAM is preloaded and can be updated up to 16 gigabytes or more.

Compared with yesterday's computers, this is a lot of RAM. If you
not playing games, handling large video files / editing, all this
RAM is not needed, but it will make your laptop work faster. Also,
remember, if you are fond of games, video RAM will be important
– you need the top of the line (read expensive) video card
and it will increase the cost of your laptop.

It may also be advisable to buy a laptop with upgradeable memory –
as new applications, multi-window browsers, streaming video …
in the near future can cause great demand on your laptop

* Core Processors

The processor or computer processor is the heart of your laptop.
and in this case you have two hearts – Intel core
is a leader in this field right now. However, AMD
gives Intel some stiff competition in the core


The amount of space or size of laptop hard drives
Steadily growing, the laptop on 100 Giga is now widely distributed.
If you do not want a lot of storage space, buying less
The size of the hard drive will save you money.

Many laptop experts choose a SATA hard drive with
high 5400 or 7200 rpm

* Weight or Size

Perhaps the main reason you are considering buying a laptop
it is its size or weight – otherwise you better save
your money and buying a desktop computer instead. Laptop is
portable, you can carry it anywhere … refuel it under
Take it with you to class or to the next business meeting.
This is the perfect place to transfer your information and work anywhere in the world.
You wanna go. This mobility is the main selling function.

Obviously, you must choose a laptop of the best size to suit your
necessary. Laptops are divided into different categories, here quick summary:

Tablet PC (smallest) The size of a paper tablet or notebook, no more than 3 pounds.

Ultra Portable (small) 13; 11; Over 1.5 inches,
more than 7 pounds and above

Choose a size that fits your purpose and use.

* Price

Prices for laptops are steadily falling, now you can get
high-quality laptop for less than 100,000 rupees. Many sell on
Range from 50,000 to 150,000 rupees. High-quality gaming laptops offered by such laptop makers such
as Dell, HP, will still attract you
back from 3 to 4 thousand. Oh!

* Guarantees

Do not forget about this factor if you are buying an expensive
laptop, you can check out these extended warranties.
If you travel a lot, you may have to buy
insurance against thief and loss.

* Dead pixels – the only thing I was afraid of!

If you can check your laptop for the presence of dead pixels. Dead pixel will give you white spots (pixels)
on the LCD screen.
In most cases, you buy a laptop directly from
window, loading and detecting dead pixels

pleasant experience. If you want to check your laptop
screen for dead pixels, just do a search for free
Dead Pixel Buddy program and run it to check
Your laptop for dead pixels.

* Use the Internet for information or even purchase.

I run a simple notebook guide on one of my sites, and I also continue
laptop blog, so I constantly use the Internet to collect
Information and compare prices. You have to shop around and
check consumer reports for various laptop manufacturers
and various online stores like and various products for Laptop on Installment in

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