The Hottest Web Design Trends 2020

Create cutting-edge sites with these binding looks and techniques.

Working in web design and development services means that you constantly have to keep track of all the latest developments. New technologies and technologies are constantly appearing, and if you want to provide the sites that your customers require, you should at least keep abreast of the latest web design tools. In addition to technical, however, there is also an angle of view that must be taken into account. Tastes are constantly changing, and what looked good a couple of years ago may look less attractive today. If you want your website layout to look fresh and stand out from the crowd, you should be aware of the latest trends. So read the eight most fashionable images this year, some of them technical, some of them more aesthetic, and most of them irreplaceable.

01. Strong typography

Web design has always had a weak attitude towards graphic design, and partly the problem is that although a graphic designer has more or less complete freedom to create various pages, web designers have long been constrained by primitive layout options. and the most basic printing house. Fortunately, this is changing; CSS Grid and Flexbox give designers the ability to create more print pages, and significantly improved typography tools mean that large, bold and experimental typographic layouts are now very important, making full use of oversized retro fonts in all styles and weights, and complete with various effects and deformations to add an extra character.

02. Progressive web applications

They are not a universal solution, but if you are creating a site that focuses primarily on mobile users who do not always have the necessary bandwidth, the Progressive Web App is an elegant way to do this. PWAs are progressive and responsive, so they should work on any platform and also look good, and they provide experience similar to an application that, in principle, does not depend on having an Internet connection, using service workers for offline use. Although you do not want to use PWA for your next full-fledged desktop site, they are ideal for creating fast and easy e-commerce sites when you need active participation.

03. Illustration

Nowadays it’s hard to visit the site of the new startup, which does not have the slightest number of flat and funny cartoon figures illustrating its business and providing some much-needed character with which visitors could identify themselves. They are everywhere, and it seems that until they go nowhere, but although we are sure that this particular style of illustration will sooner or later lose popularity, the illustration itself, as the main element of web design, seems to be set to stay; it’s just a style that can evolve. If you want to include modern illustration in your website, be sure to check out our guide to 2020 illustration trends.

04. Animation and video

Although it’s not always advisable to create sites that reduce performance while absorbing bandwidth if you want to make an impact, these days it’s much easier to get the full volume with all the attention-grabbing visual style that you need. Not so long ago, the integrated full-screen video was simply unthinkable; Now you can see it on an ever-growing number of sites, and this is a great way to provide instant visual interest and tell the story of the brand. And for a less severe visual effect, JavaScript or CSS animation is well used, which not only looks good on the page, but can also be used to breathe life into navigation and improve the user experience.

05. Pastel palettes

Since web design trends today are much more closely related to more general visual trends, it is not surprising that many of the obligatory views on websites tend to reflect the type of design decisions that you already see on printed pages and in advertising. An outdated palette is an ideal way to turn off people, and if you want the site to look very relevant, you need to reflect the current color trends. Right now, gentle pastel colors are a strong look – look at Pantone 2020’s color of the year, such as Living Coral, but what really helps to highlight them is to add one or two really vibrant shades in the same way as it print designers use spot colors.

06. Custom Cursors

Nowadays, modern websites are of such great visual interest that a modest mouse cursor can sometimes feel a little lost, which can explain the growing number of sites that are trying to do something exciting with a pointer. Simply changing the mouse cursor to something else was possible for a very long time, but returning user cursors leads to much more complex methods, such as reactive cursors that change in response to site elements, and secondary pointers that follow hover The cursor is around, but swipe the screen much more organically. Now they are in fashion, but we suspect that this trend will evaporate soon.

07. Color gradients

Beautiful color gradients have long been available for graphic designers, but until recently it was difficult to incorporate them into web design, because they should be displayed as bitmap images that do not always scale well. Now, however, CSS gradients mean it’s easy to animate a page with an attractive gradient, whether it’s just to provide a delicate colorful background or as an overlay, providing an attractive way to fade the photo on one side. CSS gradients are as versatile as those found in Illustrator or Photoshop CC, and when combined with CSS blending modes, there are virtually unlimited ways to use them creatively.

08. Micro interactions

Sometimes the devil is in the details, and spending time adding exciting additional touches can add a much-needed dose of personality to the site. A little animated feedback can be a great way to attract users and have fun, but it’s not just interacting with micro-interactions, but just visual feedback. They can be used to make navigation more understandable, to reassure visitors waiting to download something, or to draw attention to useful features such as the inevitable hamburger menu. And using figuratively, they can help your audience find the right information without any unwanted noise; For example, visit this site to participate in the Montreux Jazz Festival, where you will compile your own list of activities that you want to see based on several decisive hits.

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