Tips and Tricks about Usage of Damascus Pocket Knife Safely

How to Use a Damascus Pocket Knife Safely

You are going out outdoors, hunting, or climbing, a Damascus pocket knife is no uncertainty among the urgent devices to convey. I never leave mine in any event, when making a walk around the lawn on a Sunday evening. You can utilize the blade from numerous points of view. From making other wooden devices to cutting ropes, it will prove to be useful. Nonetheless, there is one thing that you have to know: however a pocket knife is little, it is still conceivably perilous.

Building up a Safe Circle around You when Using a Knife

At the point when you need to utilize a Damascus blade, it is essential to build up a sheltered working circle. This implies sufficient territory around you where nobody should approach abstain from harming others. Be that as it may, how would you do this? Here is one of the strategies I find simple yet profoundly viable.

In the wake of building up a sheltered zone, make a point to consistently utilize the prevailing hand to hold the pocket blade. This promises you of a firmer hold for better and quicker outcomes.

Opening and Closing the Pocket Knife Carefully

This is another essential tip on the most proficient method to utilize a pocket knife securely. Today, most pocket knives accompany pocket Damascus knives for safe taking care of. In any case, I can affirm that opening and shutting the cutting edge can be similarly hazardous except if you do it effectively. Here is the means by which to do it right:

  • First, you should get the blade utilizing the non-predominant hand.
  • Using the thumb of the prevailing hand, haul the cutting edge out. Make a point to hold it immovably so it doesn’t flip back!
  • Then, hold the thick piece of the edge and haul it out of the case totally.
  • Finally, lock the sharp pocket edge prepared for utilize top abstain from snapping back when cutting

Passing the Knife Carefully: Handle First!

To pass a knife accurately, the least difficult way is shutting it down first. Be that as it may, there are occasions when you have to hand it over when still open. Here is the protected method to do it.

  • You should hold the Damascus knife by the edge guaranteeing the front line is looking down and away from the beneficiary.
  • The individual who is getting the blade should take it by the handle. When the beneficiary has the handle immovably, he/she ought to affirm with the goal that you can give up off the sharp edge.

Never Try Catching a Knife

At the point when you are utilizing a pocket knife, it is essential to have it immovably in your predominant hand. This causes you to have more noteworthy control on your cutting power. In any case, the Damascus blade can even now sneak off. I have had my blade slip from my hand as a result of interruption. It can likewise slip in the event that you experience an area that is harder than the remainder of the material.

At the point when the blade slips from the hand, you ought to make an effort not to get it. This is on the grounds that you could snatch the sharp forefront and hurt yourself. The best thing is giving the Damascus blade a chance to get to the ground first before lifting it up.

Removing from Yourself

In the event that you are new to pocket knives, the impulse to utilize the cutting edge towards yourself can be overwhelming. While it looks simple, the odds of harming yourself are exceptionally high. In the event that the Damascus blade misses or sneaks away, the power you were applying on it would be coordinated towards your body. In any case, you can maintain a strategic distance from this. I committed this error as well and nearly lost my fingers!

Utilizing the Knife for the Right Job

In spite of the fact that this safety tip may sound self-evident, you will be shocked by the huge number of individuals who get injured for utilizing their blades for wrong employments. In the majority of the cases, individuals haul out their knives as openers or screwdrivers. This trade offs the Damascus knife structure and raises the threat of getting injured. Utilizing the blade for an inappropriate assignment likewise brings down its life expectancy.

Keeping up the Knife in Good Condition

This rundown of knife security tips can’t be finished without including legitimate support. I have set up that when you keep up a blade in top condition, it is more secure and progressively valuable. One of these security practices is honing. On the off chance that the knife is dull, you will require a great deal of power when slicing through. This expands the danger of the Damascus pocket blade sneaking away and harming you or others.

  • You ought to hone the blade routinely to keep up a sharp edge. Consider honing it each 1-2 weeks or when it loses its edge.
  • Clean the knife and dry it appropriately to evacuate soil, blood, and flotsam and jetsam.
  • Lubricate the edge to anticipate consumption. This ought to be done before capacity.
  • When the knife turns out to be flimsy, consider fixing or hunting another one.


A pocket knife is one of the important instruments that you ought to have. To get a higher incentive from the blade, it is critical to utilize it accurately. Through the above blade safety tips, I have shown how you can utilize the Damascus knife without hurting yourself or those close to you.Regardless of the undertaking you are taking a shot at utilizing a pocket knife: Safety starts things out!

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