Tips to Packing Fragile Items for Your Big Move

Some Basic Tips to Packing Fragile Items for Your Big Move

It is such a tedious task, considering the loads that have to go out and pack. Some are easy to pack and put in boxes such as clothes and other non delicate items, and some special items, such as fragile ones, require special attention. Here are some quick tips you might want to follow to help you with this. Safety of your property is of prime importance to Melbourne Cheap Movers.

Use protective coatings. Brittle items have a tendency to break easily, especially if they move inside the dishes you choose. Fortunately, there are various covers that you can use to add extra protection to things you don’t want to get damaged. You can hang out in your home with old newspapers and other old paper materials. Balloon packs are also great for use. Cotton, rugs, and old clothes can make fillers in boxes to make sure fragile items do not move, but because you tend to slip on some materials, you need to provide them with ribbons. Use as much ribbon as needed. In any case, you do this to prevent the items from breaking, bending, or damage.

Collect Supplies

Gather all the materials you will need. Make sure that a large number of bubble wraps, ribbons, a large piece of solid cardboard and a glass box are strong enough to grab your bottle.
Give yourself plenty of space to work, and work where possible. Working with fragile glassware on the table surfaces can sometimes be scratched or shattered if you’re not careful.


Reshape the Box

Load your band gun with a sealing ribbon and tape the bottom of the box safely. Fold twice for extra protection from the fracture, and then fold the lower part along the inner seam.

The band is pretty cheap, so don’t be ashamed to use it. While many manufacturers claim that a tape is enough, play it safely, especially with fragile kitchen items.

Measure your Card

Place the item in a large piece of cardboard that is strong but editable. Leave two or three inches around the perimeter of your object to allow for a tight but stamped seal. Make sure you double the size of your object to allow the object to roll.

If you buy a pre-cut cardboard, two pieces will suffice. When you allow the card to wrap around, make sure the pieces are large enough to fit the item.

Cut the Cardboard

Cut the cardboard into sizes by following the layout you mentioned in the previous step.

If you bought a piece of cardboard that is not very elastic, it can be difficult to cut. Try to use an Xacto knife or similar knife; otherwise a pair of sharp scissors should work.

Use Bubble-Wrap

Remove the bubble wrap and watch it carefully. You will see that there are two sides; one consists of bubbles and the other is smooth and bubbly.

Make sure you pull the bubble crust downwards. You want a smooth side next to the glass directly for ease of use. If you try to place the bubble side next to the glass, you will see that it sticks to the surface, making it difficult to work.

Take the anti-static dressing as shown in the picture to make it easier to clean your glassware. This will keep undesirable dust, hair and other particles away from the fine surfaces.

Always prepare packaging materials in advance. If you are an enemy in action, you do not want to face a packaging dilemma because some of your material is missing as you are boxing. It is always advisable to prepare in advance. Make sure you have dressing, scissors, quality boxes, packing ribbons and other attachments that you think will be useful for your packaging tasks. Make sure you save a great slice of your time!

Label Boxes with Fragile Items

In addition to packaging and packaging tasks, you should also remember which boxes contain fragile items. Write the word “fragile” with the help of your sense marker, bold, clear and readable. What a wonderful reminder!

Remember your carriers. Emotional markers actually tell people, “Hey, I’m a fragile boxer!” Although it can speak for fragile items, it is important to tell the carriers inside the sensitive and easily broken pieces of the boxes. Letting them know the content can also help them be more attentive to what they carry.

It is hoped that the above tips will help you pack them carefully, despite the fact that fragile items are more expensive or that they have only sentimental value.

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