What are electrical certificates

What are electrical certificates? And how much do you have to pay?

Electricity is a necessity and it’s hard to imagine a comfortable life without it. It is important that the electricity is used with care, because otherwise it can cause a lot of damage. Using electricity with responsibility is crucial.

Regular maintenance is important to keep the electrical system running smoothly and without danger. Obtaining a household or commercial Electrical Certificate London is essential because it ensures that there is no malfunction in the electrical system that you use.

What are electrical certificates?

It is a mandatory document that every property must have, whether it is commercial or domestic. Whether the building is new or old, it must receive an electrical certificate. The certificate confirms that the electrical installation has been carried out correctly and that there are no defective wires, sockets and plugs.

  1. Types of electrical safety certificate:

It is important that you choose the right type of certificate so that it is suitable for the type of electrical system that uses the property.

There are two types of safety certificates you can choose from:

Prescribed electrical installation work:

This certificate covers all important electrical wiring work, such as the wiring from the street to the switchboard. It checks the wiring where it is not possible to switch off the electricity. The type of work is also checked.

Non-prescribed electrical installation work:

This certificate covers all small electrical wiring work in the entire building. The installation and maintenance of safety switches, sockets, lighting points and the circuit breaker are checked in the certificate.

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  1. Content of an electrical certificate:

Here are some things that are included in the electrical safety certificate.

The certificate contains details of the electrical and business contractor. It contains the registered license number of the contractor.

It also contains the details of the approved electrician who performs the installation or maintenance work.

Customer data is available in the certificate and is the address where the work is performed.

It contains a detailed overview of all the work being done by a licensed electrician. It contains the state of the electrical system and also contains suggestions that make the system better and more efficient.

The report is signed by the electrician together with the date the service is performed.

 When do you need an electrical certificate?

Here are some situations where you need to get electrical certificates.

When you move into a newly built building and you need to turn on the electrical power.

If you want to increase the contract capital and the increase leads to exceeding the maximum on the certificate that you already have. You must receive a new certificate confirming that it is safe to increase the assets.

In case you want to change the electrical installation from one-phase to three-phase.

You change the contract and the certificate has expired.

 How much do you have to pay?

The costs of electrical certificates are not regulated. There are a number of factors that play a role in determining the speed of the certificate. The rates of the electrician, dimensions of the building, taxes, etc. play an important role in determining the costs of the certificate.


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