What Is The Maximum Ph Value For Suitable Tap Water?

It is a personal choice as to what the residual value of the hardness in water may be, with an pH value up to 7 pH there will in principle be no scale deposits in the pipes or equipment such as a (dishwasher) washing machine. When the residual hardness is set, the ability to remove lime residues decreases. This is due to the increase in calcium and magnesium in the water. It is not possible to determine exactly at which hardness this is the case, take into account a value of approximately 5 pH. When the water is completely softened, all lime will be removed from the pipes.


In a case of ‘chicken and egg’, the removal of all lime can cause leakage in the pipes. This concerns pipes that already have cracks that are filled in by limescale. When the lime dissolves in completely pure water, water can come through these cracks. With a certain water residual hardness, the lime that is already present will remain in place, so that the pipes will not leak. The leakage is therefore not due to the water softener, but rather a result of too pure water.


When water is completely softened it will also feel different. The softened water feels smooth and greasy. Opinions are divided as to whether this is a good thing. Some people say that they like this salty feeling, while others label the water as ‘slimy’. By using the residual hardness, the feeling can be adjusted as desired.


If water is not fully softened, this can cause the following disadvantages:

  • The water softener will regenerate less often.
  • More soap is needed with the wash to achieve an equivalent clean result.
  • Also with the dishes more soap or another cleaning agent will be needed.
  • You will have to use more shampoo than with fully softened water.
  • Water will feel different, this is a matter of personal preference.
  • Full water softening brings a number of interesting benefits in use. Although a water hardness of up to 5 pH will not be harmful to the pipes or devices, it can still have other drawbacks in practice.


Excessive regeneration is not desirable, but the opposite is also the case. If the regeneration process is set too broadly, for example if there is a change in the family composition, the regeneration process may fall a day later with which the water softener does not function optimally. A correct balance must be found.


Although most water softener plants  have controls to set the residual hardness, this button is not always in the same position. This will be described in the manual of the water softener, consult the instructions before changing the settings. When a water softener has been installed that does not have a residual hardness button, it is possible to install a tap with which this is still possible. For subsequent installation, a combination set is often used that consists of one piece of metal. This set consists of two taps that can be opened or closed. This activates the bypass setting, a setting button can be used to determine the residual hardness.

Standard bypass cranes work less well, these cranes work with three equivalent separate cranes. The tap in the middle is opened so that water has to flow along the water descaler or the bypass position. With partial opening, this tap could be used as a mixing valve, but that makes accurate adjustment virtually impossible. It is also not possible to set the correct residual hardness afterwards.

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