Why electrical safety certificate is required

So if you want to keep your family members and your employees safe,For that you should preferably have your Electrical Certificate London and verified from time to time. So that you would encounter a minimum number of electrical accidents. In fact, you would prefer to hire the qualified electrician for those who have sufficient qualifications, experience and knowledge to give you the best possible advice in the event of a complication. He will have permits from the state that he can therefore easily issue your safety certificate after testing all devices and electrical wiring or fuses.

Meaning of the electrical safety certificate:

Most people don’t know why it is important to get an electrical safety certificate, so they must first of all know that it is a compliance document issued by a licensed electrician who will perform all maintenance and testing work on electricity. This is also considered as a legal requirement that must be issued within 30 days of completing the electrical work of a new house, apartment or building.

When is an electrical safety certificate required?

When building a new owner, the electrical safety certificate must be obtained immediately after the approved electrician has completed the electrical installation work in your home. It is a legal requirement that certainly adds value to your home and also makes it the safest place to live in. Especially if you are going to sell this house, you can increase the price if the house appears on the basis of this certificate that this house is much safe and that there is less chance of accidents with electrical fire.

electrical certificate London

Allows you to claim insurance for the damage:

Another reason why you would prefer to receive the costs of the EICR certificate is the insurance requirement. Actually, it is considered the requirement of the insurance company that your organization should be electrically tested in that situation you can file a claim to get compensation from the insurance company for the damage that will occur in the event of an electrical fire.

Help you to make your house energy efficient:

Other than that getting an EICR certificate will help you make your organization much more energy efficient and it will also help you to reduce your electricity bills. Other than that it also helps you reduce repair costs, it is considered great to increase your company’s carbon footprint in terms of meeting your corporate social responsibility obligations.

Types of electrical safety certificate:

There are actually two types of electrical safety certificates that you can get or that are used for different types of electrical work:
1. Prescribed electrical installation work: this type of installation work is actually used to cover all important work of electrical wiring, just as it includes testing all wiring from the street to the switchboard, and during this type of work electricity cannot be switched off.
2. Non-prescribed electrical installation work: the following type of electrical installation work includes all minor electrical wiring work. That includes work such as installing and maintaining all sockets, safety switches, fuses, circuit breakers, and lighting points.

Electric certificate – for all safety and security benefits that EICR reports can offer.
If you think you need an EICR to report London, contact us at Abbeyhill Electrical. We have a team of electrical engineers who are registered to perform the type of work described in this post to ensure that your EICRs are performed professionally and safely and everything that is needed. Your home / business / tenant accommodation is safe against electrical hazards, and you can also benefit not only from the fact that your people are safe, but also from the purchase of insurance and the increase in the value of real estate. Call us today or contact us via our contact page for more information about booking one of our electricians for your EICR reports.

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