With what to wear the fluid pants

You’ve probably got it; loose pants have become an essential part of a fashionable woman’s wardrobe, dethroning your skinny pants. The only worry that worries you now is what to wear your super loose pants with! One thing is certain; it is possible to wear it in all circumstances, as long as it is matched correctly, no matter your size!

Chic outfit for the office

Perfect for being chic and fashionable in the office, this is a solid outfit. You can wear fluid pants for women, rather large in wool or velvet with neutral colors such as black, gray, navy blue or not even beige. You can also wear printed fluid pants, as long as they are small patterns or a fabric with fine stripes, otherwise you will weigh down your figure. With these women’s pants, you can wear a light-colored shirt, a white or striped turtleneck sweater or a printed blouse. With heels, you will have a confident elegant look and bring out your feminine side.

Glamorous outfit for the evenings

For once, let go of the classic little black dress and put on her fluid pants. Do you know palazzo pants? Flared pants, high waist, like culotte skirts, do you like it? So if you have a palazzo, now is the time to take it out of your closet and put on your wedge shoes. With these wide pants for women online New York, a tight top accompanied by a top with straps or a bodysuit and a short plain or checked jacket will look great. For an evening outfit you can dare bright colors such as red.

Casual outfit for the weekend

Now we embrace the casual look with the fluid pants for women, straight or flared. The advantage of loose or wide pants is their elastic waistband that gives you great comfort, like in jogging pants. The fluid pants with bands on the sides are perfect for your casual weekends with their pair of sneakers of course! And at the top, depending on the season, we wear a shirt, a top or a big sweater. You will therefore understand that the fluid pants for women go together quite easily, depending on the look you want to give to your outfit. So, browse our new products to perfect your outfit with wide pants!

The boyfriend and oversize look

First tip to make the white pants sortable: bet on a boyfriend model. Wide at the thighs but still feminine, it brings a cooler touch to your outfit and avoids molding certain sensitive areas that a light color would amplify. Pure genius? And how! Wear it with a light or denim blouse, a stylish clutch and heeled sandals, preferably to style the ensemble.

The cleanliness tip: Opt for white pants on a day when you are not using public transport and you will escape small spots of dust. If you still manage to get dirty, above all do not rub and wait until you are home to rinse with cold water by applying a suitable product. 

The total white look

Because too much white certainly does not kill white, the total look gives you immediate elegance if you select the right pieces. The perfect combo: high waist pants, loose or crop top, oversized jacket and heeled sandals. Little tip: dare the ultra-colorful pouch which spices up the whole and stylizes an ideal outfit for an office / after work day.

The advice on cleanliness: Be careful, which says multiplication of sensitive parts means multiplication of danger. So be very careful wearing a total white look. Be especially careful with traces of lipstick or foundation for zero defect maniacs, and prefer to apply makeup once dressed.


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