All about the jumpsuit

Usually it scares us and yet it doesn’t get any easier to wear than a jumpsuit. This fashionable piece has carved out a place for itself in our wardrobes over the past few years and good news, it is here to stay.

A little history…

Basic workers’ outfit during the Second World War, it was at the end of the 60s that she began her fashion ascent, thanks to Yves Saint Laurent who integrated it into his 1968 collection. The disco years require, the combination will be popularized in the 70s and 80s for the general public. She knew how to continuously reinvent herself and integrate the catwalks year after year.

The wonderful thing about the womens jump suits New York is that it dresses us, on its own, for any occasion. Chic and professional for the office, formal and classy for the evening, and relaxed and comfortable for the weekend… this is the piece to get! So here are some great tips to help you choose the perfect combination for your figure.

You are small

If you are short, choose a fitted waist model with a straight or narrow leg. You can also tuck your lower leg back slightly to show some skin and lengthen your figure.

Small patterns are best if you are small so as not to overload.

You are tall and slender

Wide legs are for you. The big patterns, the bright colors and the ruffles too. Everything can be done, the goal is to balance your body. Dare to wear heels for the evening, but you can wear the flat shoe at will

Opt for a fluid model with sleeves and a V-neck to lengthen the silhouette and not to mark the curves. Comfort is what matters most. Colored, patterned or plain, you just need to try a few to find YOUR model.

Pro tips

Finding the right size is a key. To be comfortable, you must not be tight in the wrong places. In the dressing room, sit down to check the suit is not pulling and make sure it is easy to put on and take off. Think about your evening ends and your trips to the bathroom.

For work, choose neutral color combinations (black, navy, beige) or light patterns so as not to attract too much attention. It is easily worn with a jacket, preferably short, so as not to break the cut and crush the silhouette.

For your social evenings, happy hours, balls or weddings, the combination perfectly replaces the dress. In the evening; dare to use lace, necklines, bare shoulders and shiny fabrics or with a touch of glamor.

Accessorize it well

The accessories are there to add femininity and especially personality to your looks.

Do not be afraid to play with the layers of jewelry (bracelet, necklace or ring). However, choose a single area (neck, wrist or hand) to accessorize.

Add a belt at the waist. The belt is trendy this fall. Now is the time to bring out your old models and find a new use for them.

Choose a brightly colored handbag if your jumpsuit is understated.

As for shoes, you can opt for espadrilles, flats, small boots or high heels. The important thing is to select the right model so as not to overwhelm your figure.

Will you be wearing the jumpsuit this fall?


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