CCNA Certification

Why we need CCNA

We need CCNA certification to help and fulfill the need for skilled IT talent and ensure a future for all, I am pleased to announce that Cisco Networking Academy has developed its CCNA certification curriculum to prepare job seekers, anywhere and in the background, with the skills they need for successful careers in the field, of ever-changing IT. The new curriculum will be integrated into many of the 12,000+ Networking schools around the world to prepare students for the new CCNA certification.

CCNA Certification

Highlights of CCNA Certification


The fastest way to get ready for the job with three required 70-hour courses is one, which prepares students for the CCNA training exam.

An improved curriculum structure to help students learn skills faster. Designed to be highly interactive, the curriculum features 70 hours of hands-on labs, activities, videos, and more.

The most advanced and advanced features of the network include system installation, automation, detection, and security.

The new “digital badge” will allow students to demonstrate certainty in their professional field as it is acquired, as well as verification skills in all their careers and good employers and employers.

The most accessible and flexible curriculum up to date. It can be taught in high schools, colleges, universities, prisons, nonprofits, and more. With the new user interface that is fully responsive, students can now access the lessons from any tool. In addition, CCNA certification improved accessibility provides screen reader enhancements, better keyboard accessibility, and a more user-friendly interface to address the needs of people with disabilities.

CCNA Network

One of the most active and regular publishers of relevant content is Network World. Some of CCNA certification categories include Linux, Networking, Cloud Computing, Data Center, Security, Software, Mobile & Wireless and many more. In addition to their free content, users can sign up for Insider which is a membership that provides exclusive access to content information including downloaded content. One of the best features of their site is a news section where you can browse through current events and events in the world of IT and Networking.

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