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What to Do With Food During Your Move: 10 Guidelines

When you start preparing dinner, your perfectly organized pantry is an important asset. However, when you have a next move, the food in your home can become a nuisance. While you obviously need food before the move and immediately after your arrival, transporting perishable goods can seem daunting.

Cheap House Movers Melbourne
Cheap House Movers Melbourne
As soon as you have a good idea of ​​the timeline of your move, take an inventory of your food products. Then, use the following 10 guidelines to make sure that the food does not interfere with your movement.

1. Avoid Shopping Too Much

Once you know what you have, plan your meals around the food that is already in your home. Whenever possible, avoid buying more food, especially those that should be kept cold or frozen.

2. Bring a Cooler in Your Car

You may not be able to use all the perishable goods in your home before the move. Bring a cooler with you for your leftovers. Just be sure to fill the icebox often with ice to avoid dangerous temperatures for food. Also enjoy the refrigerators of your trip, whether at your hotel or at a family member where you will spend the night.

3. Discard Fragile Containers

When you move fragile objects, there is always a risk of breakage. Glass containers and fragile boxes may not fit while driving. Turn off any containers that might break and leave a mess with something more sturdy. In addition, close all open boxes to prevent spills. For example, place packing tape on top of cold cereal boxes.

4. Discuss Your Mover’s Policies

When planning the best ways to transport the food you plan to bring with you, consult your movers. Some moving companies will not carry any kind of food, while others will carry non-perishable goods or well-packed perishable goods. Consider the policies of your mover.

5. Donate Unwanted Non-Perishables

Non-perishable foods, especially canned foods, are heavy and difficult to move. For simplicity, give local families or residents in need non-perishable foods that you do not need immediately.

6. Eat Frozen Foods First

If possible, eat or discard all frozen food before moving. When making plans for dinner, create meals around what you have in your freezer.

7. Leave Out Meals for the Day of Your Move

Unless you plan to buy all your food on the day of your move, plan your meals for that day. Store these meals in your cooler or car to have them with you when you are ready to eat.

8. Pack Spices in Airtight Containers

Spices, especially those in powder form, can cause damage if they spill into a box. Close each bottle of spice and place it in a plastic bag or an airtight plastic container. For spice boxes that do not close, such as your salt shaker, put a plastic wrap on the lid before storing it.

9. Pack Your Boxes Like a Grocer

When you start packing the boxes you plan to take with you, think like your neighborhood grocer. Place heavier items on the bottom and place packing materials between foods that may move during transport.

10. Throw Out Expired Food

When your move takes place in about a week, review your food and note the expiry date of each item. Get rid of any food that will expire before your move, during your move, or immediately after you arrive at your new home. This step helps you avoid storing the pantry of your new home with foods that you can not really use.

Remember that if you move within your city limits, you will probably be able to carry most of your perishable goods. However, if your move is crossing borders, you may want to simply replenish once you arrive.

Use these instructions as a starting point for unloading, packing and planning your pantry.

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