Clothes, when to buy what, at the best price!

Many of us have a passion for read to wear women clothing!

How to dress well as a woman without breaking the bank? This is a question that has always guided me, even when I was a young teenage girl. I always wanted to dress well (obviously, who doesn’t!), But the budget question came up a lot. Over time, I have developed a lot of techniques and tips to get new clothes at very low prices and sometimes even for free. This allows me today to dress well with womens clothing online without breaking the bank.

In this article you will not find a guide to dress well as a woman, or other tips for finding the ideal outfit for your body type. On the other hand, I am going to present you my best tips to renew your wardrobe at a low price according to your ready to wear women clothing style throughout the year according to the month.

Me first today I suggest you take a full year round-up of when to buy what at the best price. Buckle up; take notes, because it will go fast!

January and February: Winter clothes! We are talking about more than 50% off. This is also the best time to shop for fancy outfits at a discount, because before the holidays the stores stocked up on beautiful dresses and clothes and afterwards they have to get rid of them.

July and August: This is the perfect time to shop for summer clothes and shoes. But be careful not to do it the day before the start of the school year, because the prices then start to rise again.

September: This is the best month to buy a new swimsuit. It will only cost you a fraction of the cost. Avoid winter shopping for your swimsuit – you’ll definitely pay full price!

October is jeans month! We are then between two big seasons, and the jeans end up overflowing the stores. This is why they are often discounted during this period.

November: If you want to renew your old pair of sports shoes, now is the time! Stores need to make space for their winter inventory. November is also known for the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday sales.

December: If we want a walkabout, Boxing Day is obviously a good time for discounts, but now we talk more about Boxing Week for most clothing stores!

We’ve got a whole year ahead of us, eh?


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