Entirely About E-Mailing Lists

About E-Mailing Lists

The title of this article may be a little misleading. Maybe I should have been entitled “Some things about mailing lists.” In fact, I’m not going to cover everything about mailing lists.

There’s just so much to cover. Today I will cover the basics.

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What is a mailing list?

Fair enough. In the simplest sense, these are the names that should represent your target market. In other words, this is who you are sending or offering to sell.

Kinds. Believe it or not, there are different types of mailing lists that you can choose from. And you have to be very selective. In fact, one of the most reliable places to look for your list is the SRDS Direct Mail List Source Book.

Biologists in this business hate to admit it, but it is better to have a good list of “Good” writing skills and desirable products than to be the author of the top repositories of hot products, to be sent the wrong list.

So, as you can see, this is very important.

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Let’s look at the most common types.

Composed: These lists of names are usually collected from a variety of resources, such as phone books, public records, directories, court records, inquiries, and so on. These lists are usually the least productive.

Subscriber: As the name suggests, these lists are exactly what they say they are … like subscribers to a magazine or journal. These lists may be great for sending your bid, but not as powerful as the actual “buyer” lists.

Buyers: They consist of actual people who bought the company. For example, buyers of the Gurney’s Seed & Nursey Catalog are the list of all the people who bought from their catalog. As you can see, these are the best names you can send by mail. But there is another type that, if done right, is the absolute most lucrative list that can be mailed.

Home This is your list of buyers. And it’s definitely the most profitable asset you could have. If you do not have a home listing, you should start building one today.


Let me explain in some language of the mailing list. This will help you when searching for a rental mailing list.

For starters, when you get a mailing list, you rent the list rather than buying it. Usually, it is rented for one-time use. Sometimes you develop other terms, such as unlimited use.

A listing broker can be compared to a real estate agent. He represents the buyer. On the other hand, the listing manager (think again of the realtor), except that he represents the seller.

Very good mail order companies make their names available for hire. It’s a great source of extra income, and they don’t do more, turning fresh names on their to-do list every month.

So now you’ve come together and want to rent your mailing lists and try to sell your stuff to their customers or subscribers.

Data cards are a list. In other words, it summarizes mailing list details. There are many details in the data card, but I would like to highlight some things here. By the way, your listing broker should be able to provide you with all the information you need. Just ask.

Last updated: This is the date when the list added new names to the file. You will want to be sure that the list is updated frequently and that you have the most recent names.

List drop value. Is a rent for a night? The cost is a thousand and can range from a thousand dollars to over $ 200. Remember that the more targeted the list, the higher the costs.

The unit of sale is the average mailing list they spent on mailing lists. It is best to get a list of comparable sales items for your own items.

List drop source:

This tells you where the names came from. For example, names can be created just from this:

  • Web
  • Direct mail or sold direct mail
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Print (space ads, magazines, newspapers, classified ads, etc.)
  • Attendees (from conference or meeting)
  • Sections / Elections. This lets you choose names based on region, gender, or other demographic.

Description of the drop is a summary of the individuals on the list.

Continuity / use list. This gives very valuable details to help you decide whether or not you should rent this listing. This shows which other mail recipients have used the list. Often it breaks down the list testers and the list keepers.

So if you see a correspondent who has tried and continued the list you are looking at and their offer is similar to yours, then you have a good chance that the list will work for you.

I was covering some aspects of mailing lists, but here just scratching the surface. Call your listing broker and ask questions. Ask for data cards and study them. I’m also available to help. Until next time. Yours is for greater profit.

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