How to Develop a Successful Mobile Banking App?

Today everything has gone mobile. Gadgets are now the ideal devices. The extreme rise of smartphones, tablets and wearable brought the idea of continuous connectivity to the minds of consumers. People see their smartphones as Omni functional gadgets for everyday life, making money transactions, buying goods and services, storing personal data such as ID cards and passports.

Information retrieval methods changed intensively, including the most serious and vulnerable financial information with Custom Application Development Agency Dubai UAE. A major change has occurred in financial services as the recent technological revolution made it possible to transact almost instantly.

Modern banks know they have no chance of competing unless they provide their customers with compatible mobile solutions. Fewer and fewer people want to come to the bank unless there is a great need. The point is that almost all operations can already be performed with just a laptop. The next step is a complete switch to mobile devices. And this revolution has already begun, so if your bank doesn’t already have an app, it’s time to get on this fast-speed train.

Essential Features of Mobile Banking Apps:

  1. Offer Easy Login and Registration

The best mobile banking apps offer an easy platform to sign in or sign up. They also provide additional “how-to” information to help customers log in or maneuver login challenges, such as forgotten passwords.

  1. Easy Access to Account Information

Banks want customers who can easily access their transaction history. Transaction information should be distributed simply to facilitate understanding. Some of the best banking apps also offer additional money management tools, such as budgeting tools. These apps also deliver money-related tips, suggestions, and tips to your customers.

  1. Online Usability to Offline

In addition to enabling customers to transact online, the right mobile banking apps must provide customers with easy access to offline touch points. Some banks have merged with geo location tools in their applications to support customers to find banks and branches near them.

  1. Provide Multiple Contact Points

A good mobile application should cater to the various operating systems. It must be compatible with different types of devices and mobile browsers to allow customers on different platforms to use them. Applications must respond to allow them to work on both smartphones and desktops. Some banks in China have made messaging apps for use by people without smartphones.

  1. Easy To Make Transactions

The purpose of any mobile banking application is to allow customers to transact. The user interface should be simple and easy to use to allow clients to transact. The app must offer various transaction options, including payment, withdrawal, and bill payment and allow real-time money transfers. 

  1. Ensure

With improved incidents of identity theft and data breaches, security is a major concern for many customers. When looking for financial application development services, it is important for banks to consider the service provider’s track record for application security.

Banks should understand that application developers add the latest and best security tools to prevent security breaches. The application must also be updated regularly. Another key aspect of security certification is educating customers about the best security practices to follow. A common security practice is to inform customers for each transaction via SMS or email.

Banks and other financial institutions continue to face stiff competition. The key to customer acquisition and loyalty is to offer customers excellent customer service.

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Advantages of Mobile Banking Apps

Better Than Internet Banking: Mobile banking has an advantage over Internet banking. Online banking needs a computer and an Internet connection. Connectivity is not an issue in the case of mobile banking. It can be used even in rural areas that lack an internet connection.

No Travel is Required: No travel to the bank or utility payment centers. Your time, money and effort is saved. Bank hours are no longer a restriction.

No Need to Stay in Queues: You can bank from any geographic location at any time. You don’t need to wait in line and are able to do banking at the time and place that suits you best.

Greater Efficiency: Because many customers use mobile banking, banking rooms are less congested and paperwork is reduced for both the banker and the customer.

Leveraging The Existing Mobile User Base: almost everyone has a mobile today and the number of people using mobiles is increasing every day. So there are more people who would be interested in making use of mobile banking services. There are mobile banking apps adapted for both Android and IOS.

Ease Of Use: The mobile banking feature is easy to use and has a very simple interface. Therefore, it is easy to learn and use.

Safer: Mobile banking is safer than internet banking. All transaction details are sent in real time to mobile. Advanced encryption technology provides foolproof security. It is backed that mobile banking applications are developed by major mobile app development companies.

Low Cost: Mobile banking is free or low cost. Bankers don’t have to be present and spend time and effort on certain banking transactions.

Range of Services Offered: A large number of mobile banking services are provided, such as account balance inquiry, credit/debit alerts, bill payment alerts, transaction history, fund transfer facilities and account alerts minimum balance, etc. You are able to transfer money in real time to another account in the same bank using mobile banking.

Improved Customer Experience: Mobile banking helps banks understand how their customers conduct banking transactions by ensuring they can improve the quality of customer service. The data obtained can be used to promote credit cards, different types of loans, as well as other banking services and products effectively targeted at the right customers.

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