How to dress when you are thin?

Contrary to what we may think, thin women can also be complexed by the body.

Are you slender, your bones are rather angular and your height is not marked? Do you often feel like you are floating in their clothes and not showing off? Know that you are not the only one in this case.

Today we’re going to give you tips on how to highlight and feminize your figure.

To be a slim woman dressed in style?

What types of clothes to choose when you are thin or even skinny?

Many thin women often feel like they are floating in their clothes and not showing off.

The basis will be to adopt well-cut clothes, not too big, not too tight and especially textured to add volume to your figure. Emphasize your waist; create optical illusions to once again add volume where it is lacking.

Give volume and shape to your silhouette

Go for low-rise, ball-shaped, skater or pleated skirts that will widen your hips and buttocks. Prefer skirts in thick materials and with details such as prints, ruffles, fringes, horizontal stripes…

For women pants online UAE, the low waist is the top one. Also prefer flare jeans, boot cut and also pants with darts. Once again, don’t hesitate to choose them with color and prints.

When it comes to tops, lesson # 1 is to beef up your bust! For this, go for vaporous tops, with ruffles, frills, prints. Layering clothes and mixing materials are also tips to thicken your bust.

The golden rule to remember: If you choose to put volume at the top, you opt for something tight at the bottom. Conversely, if you put volume down, you wear something closer to the body at the top to harmonize everything.

To adopt / To avoid

The parts to avoid so as not appearing even more slender

Tops with deep V-necks: Trends to strengthen the vertical effect

Mini tight skirts: Trends to give a pronounced accent to your slender legs and small buttocks

Thin straps: Tend to accentuate your thin bones.

The pieces to adopt to enhance your figure

Textured pieces: lace, velvet, reliefs of the fabric.

Colorful pieces: they will add volume to your figure

Pleated skirts, skaters, balls: They will highlight your size

Dresses and fitted jackets: They will tighten your waist at the seam and thus redraw your curves

Long skirts and wide pants (palazzo): They will bring volume and flexibility to your figure.

Bustiers, dresses scalloped in the back: They will highlight your neck, your shoulders and especially your back.


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