Landlord gas safety inspection

 What are they and why do I need one?

The gas safety inspection of the lessor is a safety check of all gas appliances in a home that is considered rented. As soon as an inspection has been carried out, the gas safety engineer who carries out the inspection issues a certificate with his findings.

According to UK law, any property classified as rented must include an annual Landlord Gas Safety Certificate, including local councils and housing associations, even if the property is only rented for 7 days, a gas safety inspection is required.

It is the responsibility of the person who manages the property to ensure that this inspection is carried out. Failure to comply with this regulation can result in severe penalties.

If a home is rented to new tenants and there are 5 months left before the next inspection has to be carried out, it is recommended to perform a new inspection to make sure that everything is still safe. The previous tenant may have tampered with the gas supplyor equipment and left it in an unsafe condition.Gas Safety CertificateWhat is a gas safety inspection of landlords?

All gas appliances in the building must be checked for safety, which means that the flue gas discharge from the appliance does not leak carbon monoxide and is properly sealed.

Check whether the air supply has the correct size if necessary and is not limited. Every gas appliance that is classified as an open flue needs fresh air to burn correctly, not enough air will cause the appliance to burn incorrectly and the combustion products can enter the room instead of ending the flue.

A carbon monoxide detector must be installed in every room where a gas appliance is installed, this is also tested and recorded on the certificate.

All safety devices on the device must be checked to ensure that they work correctly.

A gas-tightness test must be performed, this is checked at the gas meter. This test will reveal any gas leaks in the home. 

Check at the gas meter whether the gas supply line has the correct grounding.

Once the inspection is completed, two copies of the certificate are issued, one must be left with the tenant and the other copy goes to the property management or the landlord.

If errors are found, they are noted on the inspection certificate. A different certificate, a warning message, is now issued with details of errors found.

The landlord has 30 days to correct any errors, this depends on the seriousness of the malfunction. If the error is identified as immediately dangerous, the gas supply to that device will be interrupted and made safe.

Landlords must ensure by law that the property that they rent is safe, too many landlords are trying to prevent this inspection from being carried out due to costs.

If you are a tenant, make sure that your landlord carries out this gas safety check annually and that you have a copy of the certificate for your own records.

If you are a landlord, make sure you adhere to the gas safety regulations, keep your tenants safe and always have a gas safety inspection carried out at the landlord when necessary.

Top duties of the landlords

The gas safety certificates are very popular in the United Kingdom. People in the UK know about this and abide by state rules. The lessor must be aware of all the rules and regulations of the gas safety certificates. There are certain things that the landlords must follow.

They must also cooperate with the tenants. First of all, the landlords must learn about the devices to be checked. All devices work on gas. All devices that you provide to the tenants for their use must be specially checked if they run on gas.

You must always remember that this is one of the most important tasks of the landlord. But if the tenants get their own device, you may not be fully responsible for the device, but you will be partly responsible.

You are responsible for the pipework to be performed. As a landlord, it is your duty to take good care of all gas appliances that you have supplied. If you do not do your duties, you may run into problems.

If the device is owned by the renter, you can send reminders to them to make sure they call the registered technicians for maintenance of the devices. They must get the gas safety certificates for all the devices they own. In addition to the devices, you must also be careful with the smoke ducts.

Tubes such as chimney must be given for the safety check. Other than this, the landlord must also be careful about the carbon monoxide alarm that needs to be provided to the tenants. When you keep the tenants in your house you will be responsible for any harm created due to gases like carbon monoxide.

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