Morphology: which pants to choose to be canon?

Basic for the feminine wardrobe, the pants are chosen according to their morphology to be comfortable and highlight their shapes. But in linen or jeans, straight or boot cut, there are various models! Which one do you have to choose to be canon? Cut, material, color, height of legs and type of size … Learn everything you need to choose the right pants.

We have all been in a clothing store, unable to find the pants that would make us confident, without having to try on a dozen to see the entire department! Worse, sometimes, we are unable to find it: this one was too tight, this one, too big and the last one in the stock even made our butt bigger … The pants are the garment that emphasizes the areas of the skin.

The bodies mostly prone to complexes and the most delicate to enhance the thighs and buttocks. It makes sense that we spend hours in the store trying to find the one that would make us hot! But not all shapes will necessarily suit each of us … It is important to know which cuts or materials go best with our figure, to avoid a few oddities.

The different shapes of pants

Between the tapered pants (very fitted with narrower bottom), the regular fit pants (the cut is straight), the slim or cigarette pants (narrow pants), through the oversize pants (very wide), there are what to get lost there!

There is also the relaxed fit (the thighs are loose), the skinny (very narrow like leggings), the boot cut (the legs are flared from the calf), the flare (the legs are flared from the knee), the ‘extra-flare (more flared than the flare), and finally the pants with elephant legs (tight on the thighs and finished in trumpet on the ankles). In short, it makes us dizzy but any woman is able to identify these different cuts … and so do we!

If we are small and petite

If you’re petite and thin, cigarette pants and slim jeans are perfect for you! We choose them high or low waist and we opt for light colors, which will flesh out our slender legs. To give length to our legs, put on your favorite slim jeans with a short jacket. It will give a gazelle legs effect guaranteed!

For an elegant, chic and perfect look for the office, wear your cigarette pants with heels and a pretty blazer. We want to bring certain femininity to our silhouette for a date? We choose pants for women online New York with a low waist: they create a fall of the back and hips of thunder! If you’re going out and it’s cold outside, you can wear thicker pants, such as velvet, which will keep you warm.

Let’s talk about complex! If we find our buttocks too flat, we choose pants with buttoned pockets at the buttocks at all costs. This will bring volume where it is lacking and create the illusion of having J-Lo’s butt! We regret not measuring a few more centimeters? We can focus on the long cigarette pants that cover the legs in their entirety.

The 7 / 8th pants or capris tend to shorten the look by optical effect. However, nothing prevents to wear it on the condition of putting on a pair with heels which will give us a little more height. You can also cheat by wearing a boot cut or long elephant legs under which you hide a pair of heels. With this trick, we look taller than we really are.

As for shoes, put aside the flat and we unsheathe our pretty ankle boots with heels or our most beautiful pumps, but in no case with pointed toes! They would give the impression that our feet are gigantic!


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