What are the special aspects of the software development roadmaps?

You may need a roadmap at any stage of your life, regardless of your field of activity or current position. This tool will help you if you need to plan the construction of a house, visualize the steps to open a new store or plan the launch of a software product.

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You can apply a simple roadmap even for personal use. For example, to plan your own wedding and all the preparatory stages for the next six months.

However, the more active use of these deadlines is associated with information technologies and software development. The Agile product roadmap is a peculiar GPS in the world of software business.

Recently, we have defined the main stages of creating a road map from scratch. This time, we will explain special aspects of the software development process, programmed with the help of a road map. If you intend to create a custom software project and are going to get more information about that process, you can use it as a simple template.

Create a roadmap for software development projects

Thousands of companies around the world strive to launch products faster and be the first in their niche.

Competitive advantage and obtaining advantages are not easy things that require many strategic steps. The main drivers of success tend to continuous feedback from interested parties, automation tests, test-based development and, as you can guess, a powerful and well-visualized roadmap.

The software development roadmap acts as a strategic plan that describes the likely development of the product over the next period of time. It supports the objectives and vision of the product, the key priorities and helps keep stakeholders aligned.

The software development plan offers a detailed picture of the deliverables of a project and a clear overview of what is expected to happen in a given period during the life cycle of the project. It allows you to track project milestones and helps coordinate team communication.

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Key benefits of software development roadmaps

  • Set goals and communicate how products should be developed over the next period of time
  • Help to establish a realistic timeline and milestones
  • Link the commercial strategy with the decisions of products and technology
  • Assist with the prioritization of functions
  • Help to define gaps in product and technology plans
  • Improve the visibility of projects for all stakeholders
  • Improve communication
  • Mitigate risks

If you have already chosen an appropriate product management tool to create a roadmap, you can think about what each stage of our software development roadmap means.

Here is a simple introduction to the software development process from start to finish.


The discovery stage is associated with the collection of all necessary information and deepening the details of what is important for customers and businesses.

The process differs from one project to another, but the key result must be the same: valuable data. The more The more information you find, the more prepared you will be to launch your own software project.

With this information, you can define a set of requirements to view your project from outside and determine if the benefits outweigh the costs.


The next step in your software development plan is Design. The requirements should be broken down further. It will allow to forecast the project schedule and estimate the level of effort and the amount of resources needed.

The design stage requires the identification of specific designs and workflows. You decide which tools and software to use. Once this stage is completed, development can begin.


Most of the time in software development is associated with coding. The development process begins when the system is designed and the technical foundations are decided.

The process is generally divided into sprints that should be clearly visualized on your product development roadmap. Customers can see their growing software and give feedback to developers. It is important to keep the customer involved in the entire development process, to make sure he is getting exactly what he wants.


The tests do matter. There are a variety of tests that could be used, depending on your project. The tests help to use all the features of a system as a user would.

Characteristics are generally tested in isolation, but not as a unified whole. End-to-end test exercises allow evaluators to compare what was built with the original specifications and any changes made along the way.


The implementation is the stage that means that all the previous stages are complete and the client is ready to launch the new software. This is the end point in your software development roadmap.

If your software is a new brand, it can be implemented at once. If it is a feature update, it implements the changes made to the existing software.

The implementation means that you finish the work with the schedule of your development plan and enjoy your new software.

Final thoughts

Is there a way for a modern IT company to survive without a road map? Probably yes. However, there are some obvious doubts about delivering projects on time without a road map.

The right product software development plan helps owners and product managers launch their brilliant products with the right functionality and optimal costs on time. Without pain.

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