What Is Digital Marketing And Digital Marketing Strategy?

Definition and Basic Overview of Digital Marketing

This digital marketing guide aims to provide you with a basic overview and basic understanding of digital marketing.
Digital marketing refers to any type of marketing activity that applies any form of digital technology. Digital marketing includes market research using digital search tools such as the Google Keyword Planner, analysis of marketing performance using digital analytics software like Adobe Analytics, and digital image advertising using digital advertising platforms such as the Google Marketing Platform.

Compared to traditional advertising methods such as print, billboards and television, digital marketing relies primarily on data. Many popular digital advertising platforms today offer access to campaign reports for comprehensive data analysis.

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What are Digital Channels?

In digital marketing, a digital channel is the way goods and services reach consumers electronically.
Examples of digital channels include:

Organic search (like Google)
Paid Search (like Bing)
Digital ad channels (e.g., image ads)
Affiliates (such as ShareASale)
Social media channels (like Facebook)
Online PR (such as press releases)

One common misconception that digital marketing is a single channel. It is not uncommon to hear marketers from novices who know digital marketing as marketing through social media, search marketing, digital advertising, and so on. More often, digital marketing campaigns implement multi-channel (multi-channel) strategies, such as search engine marketing, content marketing, image advertising, and email marketing.
Do not confuse this with a multi-channel channel, which like multiple channels, also involve attracting customers across multiple channels. Omni-channel is more accurately defined as providing a consistent, unified and seamless experience for customers regardless of whether the customer is interacting with a brand on social media, in the physical store, or in the online store. Physical manuals that print QR codes to connect customers to the online store, and organic systems that design product recommendations based on the customer’s purchase record, both online and offline, are examples of multi-channel channels strategies.
– Digital marketing can be integrated with offline marketing channels such as print ads, live industry events, pop-up windows and on-site promotions to increase access to the target market and customer care.
An example of online / offline marketing integration is the launch of a trade show (offline) and the launch of a Facebook advertising campaign (online) to promote the event offline. During the event (offline), collect personal details for potential customers, such as email and phone numbers, to follow through email and mobile marketing (online).

Digital Marketing Disciplines and Subsets

Do not confuse specialties and channels. Digital channel is a digital medium used by organizations to deliver or deliver messages to consumers, while the digital marketing field is a branch of knowledge or field of study in digital marketing. For example, search engine optimization and search engine marketing are separate disciplines, but they target the same digital channel – search engine results pages.

Digital marketing specialties and subgroups include:

Content Marketing
Search engine optimization
Marketing Social Media
Marketing automation
Email marketing
Digital Advertising
Digital Marketing Analytics
Mobile Marketing
Optimized conversion rate
Affiliate Marketing

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

The digital marketing strategy differs from the digital marketing campaign. When talking about a digital marketing strategy, we refer to a master plan or plan to achieve a long-term goal or a macro. Campaigns on the other hand are the specific tactics used to achieve more short-term goals within a digital marketing strategy.

Like many other forms of marketing, the digital marketing strategy includes:

Identify customer profiles
Identify marketing objectives
Align customers and marketing objectives
Identify target markets
Conduct a competitive analysis
Manage and allocate resources appropriately to achieve goals
Review and improve campaign performance

Example of a Digital Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing Campaign

For example, a digital marketing strategy involves setting marketing objectives based on analyzing market and target audience information, selecting digital marketing channels and platforms, identifying channel delivery methods, and identifying key performance indicators for overall marketing to measure the performance of the digital marketing strategy.

On the other hand, an example of a digital marketing campaign is focused on creating brand awareness (micro-goal) by launching a viral marketing campaign (tactic) on a particular social media channel such as Facebook. Key short-term KPIs are used to track the progress and success of a digital marketing campaign.

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